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Analysing the Data Behind the Season Review Tool

Fantasy Premier League is a cruel game like no other. Every week millions of people set their teams with high hopes and expectations only for most to end up feeling they have seemingly been slapped silly by the FPL Gods. While it seems totally intuitive that unpredictable random events impact FPL, how can you know […]

Using the Upgraded Team Planner Tool

The FPL Review Team Planner tool has been overhauled allowing for much more effective transfer planning and instant meaningful information. Firstly what does the Team Planner tool do exactly? Uses bookmaker odds to forecast player FPL performance Historic xG data and a bespoke script is used for assists & bonus points Any FPL team can […]

Luck and Skill in FPL 2018-2019

In August I made a post on my analysis of xG data and luck in FPL in the 2017/2018 season. That post was well received however there were two points raised Just one legend was included in the analysis and a greater sample was required to be conclusive. FPL Review also forecasts points based on bookmaker […]

How To Use FPL Review

FPL Review Guide Two concepts will assist you in gaining maximum value from FPL Review: Expected Minutes and Team Codes. Expected Minutes This is a key concept for each of the forecasting tools throughout FPL Review. By default every player is set to have an expectation of 90 minutes, however this is intended to be […]

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