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Top 10k- How Achievable is Everyone’s Target?

At the end of the season it seems as though there is often disappointment from a surprisingly large amount of managers in failing to achieve a rank inside the top 10k- especially when so many prominent accounts have histories with this achievement repeated. Human intuition would indicate that a manager who reaches the top 10k […]

How Accurately Does xG Data Indicate Player Goalscoring Potential?

Shot-based xG data is becoming more mainstream and referred to more often in football circles than previously. It has the advantage over basic shot /goal data in that it gives each chance a convertibility rating- effectively adding a useful context to shot data. Of course it gets criticism from many as it never picks up […]

Analysing the Data Behind the Season Review Tool

Fantasy Premier League is a cruel game like no other. Every week millions of people set their teams with high hopes and expectations only for most to end up feeling they have seemingly been slapped silly by the FPL Gods. While it seems totally intuitive that unpredictable random events impact FPL, how can you know […]