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Projection Models

The Massive Data model is built from underlying data and market odds, providing cutting-edge projections for FPL

Massive Data
Free Model

Strategy Analysis

Assess past decisions relative to millions of competitors and receive insights based on projections and xG data

Season Review
Gameweek Review

Elite Data

Ownership data from the 1,000 best managers in the world, see what who they are transferring and captaining

Elite Data

Video Guides

Get the most out of the tools by watching short clear guides and referring to onsite documentation


Multi-Period Solver

The Multi-Period Solver is a tool that helps you plan transfers over multiple GWs at once. It's designed to consider a series of decisions, rather than focusing on just one GW at a time and helps unlock a wide range of strategic possibilties. You can also customise the tool's settings to match your personal preferences.

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