Season Review

Feel like you’ve been unlucky? This tool compares your expected seasons performance based on xG data and bookmaker odds to determine whether or not things have gone as expected. Effectively this provides the seasons summary of the detailed data included in the Gameweek Review Tools.

Team Planner

The Team Planner offers a method optimise team selection, chip usage & transfers. Select how many gameweeks you wish to project into the future, test out different potential transfers and adjust for the game-time your targets are expected to get and the FPL Review algorithm will take care of the rest.

Gameweek Review

Retrospectively view how our xG data and bookmaker odds projected any FPL teams past performance. An ideal way to monitor the performance of any team you want to review and provides an opportunity to evaluate your own team and opposing managers in any past gameweek.

Gameweek Forecast

The Selection Forecast tool projects your team’s performance over the upcoming gameweek. Simply adjust the expected play-time for each team member and this tool will aid in selecting your strongest XI and captain choice. Authenticate a FPL session to upload your team’s latest picks.

How the Algorithm Works

  • Historic odds data is collected and the algorithm ‘learns’ from newly released odds
  • All future matches processed using the refreshed model
  • Player Contributions deduced from algorithm
  • Points derived from predicted Goals, Assists, Clean Sheets, Yellow Cards, Red Cards, Own Goals & Bonus Points

Articles & Content

Unique analysis of the Fantasy Premier League from the perspective of our FPL Review experts, using the software that the team has developed. We will help guide your FPL strategy and provide insights which will give you the edge.