Raw Implied Odds

Note that current GW data is market data- future GW data is the FPL Estimator Forecast, built from past data

Team Clean Sheet% Opp H/A GW
ARS 44.7% H
LEE 42.1% H
CRY 34.7% NEW H
WHU 34.5% H
WHU 33.2% NEW H
LIV 27.1% EVE A
NEW 26.3% CRY A
WHU 24.3% AVL H
LIV 24.3% CHE A
NEW 19.9% WHU A
AVL 19.5% WHU A
CHE 17.4% LIV H
16.8% WHU A
14.9% LEE A
14.1% ARS A
EVE 12.6% LIV H