Implied Odds Data for the next 10GWs

Tool Methodology Methodology

Phase One: Market Odds for Next GW
The latest market odds are used in this tool with margins removed for Clean Sheets & Player Goals.

Phase Two: Forecasting Beyond the Next GW
Phase Two is the key to the FPL Review algorithm. The latest market odds are collected and added to the background database, the algorithm learns from this data and remaps it's model. With the brain behind the FPL Review algorithm refreshed forecasts for future GWs can be made as per Phase One- effectively it's like having bookmaker odds available months in advance.

How to Use this Tool How to Use this Tool
  1. Choose between Clean Sheet and Goalscorer data.
  2. Select the GW you wish to investigate.

Note that current GW data is market data- future GW data is the FPL Estimator Forecast, built from past data

Team Clean Sheet% Opp H/A GW
LIV 53.9% BUR H
MCI 53.5% BOU H
MCI 53.2% NOR H
LIV 52.0% AVL H
MUN 51.7% BOU H
WOL 49.1% CRY H
LIV 48.3% NEW A
CHE 46.9% NOR H
MUN 46.7% WHU H
LEI 45.7% CRY H
MUN 45.2% SOU H
MUN 44.2% CRY A
CHE 44.1% WAT H
EVE 43.5% BOU H
LEI 42.8% SHU H
EVE 42.8% AVL H
WAT 42.5% NEW H
MUN 42.3% AVL A
MCI 42.1% BHA A
MCI 41.8% WAT A
LIV 41.2% BHA A
CHE 40.8% WOL H
BHA 40.7% NEW H
WOL 40.5% BUR A
CHE 39.5% CRY A
SHU 39.0% WOL H
WOL 38.7% EVE H
ARS 38.4% WAT H
MCI 38.2% SOU A
SHU 37.9% BUR A
WAT 37.9% NOR H
WOL 37.3% SHU A
WHU 37.2% BUR H
EVE 36.7% SOU H
CHE 36.5% SHU A
LIV 36.3% CHE H
SHU 36.1% EVE H
TOT 35.6% NEW A
LEI 35.5% BOU A
BUR 35.4% SHU H
SOU 35.3% SHU H
WHU 35.0% AVL H
BUR 34.2% BHA H
SOU 34.2% BHA H
WOL 34.0% ARS H
CRY 33.6% TOT H
EVE 32.6% SHU A
WHU 32.5% WAT H
TOT 32.4% CRY A
NOR 32.2% BUR H
ARS 31.7% AVL A
TOT 31.2% BOU A
WHU 30.9% NEW A
TOT 30.8% EVE H
BUR 30.4% WOL H
LEI 30.3% MUN H
LIV 29.9% ARS A
LEI 29.7% TOT A
SHU 29.6% SOU A
AVL 29.4% CRY H
CRY 29.4% AVL A
MUN 29.4% LEI A
BHA 28.6% BUR A
EVE 28.6% TOT A
SHU 28.6% CHE H
BOU 28.5% TOT H
SOU 28.0% BOU A
ARS 27.9% LEI H
NOR 27.9% BHA H
EVE 27.7% WOL A
BUR 27.7% NOR A
BOU 27.4% SOU H
NEW 27.3% WHU H
BHA 26.9% NOR A
NEW 26.8% TOT H
TOT 26.8% LEI H
ARS 26.7% TOT A
WHU 26.3% NOR A
TOT 26.2% ARS H
ARS 25.8% WOL A
NOR 25.6% WHU H
CRY 25.1% MUN H
WAT 23.8% WHU A
CRY 23.6% WOL A
SHU 23.0% LEI A
BUR 22.8% WHU A
CRY 22.5% CHE H
WOL 22.2% CHE A
LEI 21.5% ARS A
BOU 20.9% LEI H
NEW 20.8% BHA A
BHA 20.6% SOU A
NEW 20.5% WAT A
NOR 18.9% WAT A
SOU 18.9% EVE A
CRY 17.3% LEI A
BOU 16.4% EVE A
WAT 15.7% ARS A
ARS 15.7% LIV H
AVL 15.1% ARS H
AVL 15.0% MUN H
AVL 14.9% WHU A
SOU 14.8% MUN A
WHU 13.7% MUN A
WAT 13.4% CHE A
CHE 13.1% LIV A
BOU 12.6% MUN A
AVL 11.6% EVE A
BHA 11.6% LIV H
WAT 10.0% MCI H
SOU 9.3% MCI H
NEW 9.0% LIV H
BHA 8.8% MCI H
NOR 8.3% CHE A
BUR 6.3% LIV A
BOU 3.3% MCI A
AVL 2.7% LIV A
NOR 2.3% MCI A