Last week was dominated by vice captains, Peps wheel of rotation and autosubs- what’s in store for GW7? In this article I’m going to run through the FPL Review Implied Odds algorithms projections for GW7 and beyond. I am applying my own expected playtime beliefs and you can do so too using the Team Planner tool.

GW7 Captain Picks

Mo Salah Projections & Past Data
Harry Kane Projections & Past Data
Top Projections for GW7

There are a few players in contention for captain picks this GW, it’s arguably the most difficult captain choice of the season to date.

Mo Salah is the current top projection & also the bookies most likely midfielder to score this GW away against Sheffield. Not far behind him is Harry Kane who is the mostly likely player to score with an implied probability of 54.4% of scoring against Southampton. However both of these players have arguably been slow to start and many will be hesitant to select them on that basis.

Aguero, Sterling, Vardy, Son, Firmino & Abraham are alternatives with positive projections for the weekend.

Implied Probabilities from Odds (Margins Removed)

GW7 Top Defensive Projections

8GW Projections for GW7s Top 10 GKs
8GW Projections for GW7s Top 10 DFs

Schmeichel is the top projected keeper with a nice fixture at home against Newcastle. Familiar names Ederson, Lloris, Kepa and Adrian follow him. Heaton and Pope are the best value keepers of the week (ignoring Adrian).

The best defensive projections of the GW are dominated by Liverpool and Leicester. Soyuncu looks incredible value this week and beyond in particular. Pereira was a popular pick at much lower price last season and is second to Trent Alexander-Arnold.

GW7 Top Attacking Projections

8GW Projections for GW7s Top 10 MDs
8GW Projections for GW7s Top 10 FWs

Salah and Sterling lead the midfield projections as usual. Son, Mane & KDB are the other best projected premium options. Zaha, Mount & Fraser are the value names in the top 10- though there may be doubts about Frasers play-time.

Up front Kane, Aguero & Vardy lead the charge. Abraham, Jimenez, Pukki, Haller and Wilson could all be in for promising weeks at a more affordable price.

GW7-14 Optimised £100M Selection

GW7 Optimised Squad

Schmeichel, Soyuncu, van Dijk, Kante & Abraham are now preferred to Leno, Maguire, Digne, Kayal & Jimenez withy the remainder of the optimised long-term picks staying as per GW6.

Martial retains his spot in the team, though many of us are rightly worried that he may have disappeared and Ole simply doesn’t have the heart to share this info. If you do not believe this conspiracy he remains a good long-term pick.

The team is starting to look very interesting as confidence in new faces has increased and value options have emerged.

GW7 £100M Team of the Week

GW7 Optimised Squad

An overall quite exciting selection for this GW.

Defensively Leicester players are favoured as they have the highest implied probability of a clean sheet of the week. TAA also seems worth every penny and makes the selection as does his temporarily good value team-mate Adrian.

The midfield is filled with potential with Salah, Son, Zaha and Mount all providing a goal threat. Up front Kane and Abraham are two of the best picks of the week and Greenwood may get his chance at a start if Martial is out. Let’s see how it works out!

Development Corner

There have been a few developments to the site over the past week.

  • A new page has been created-
    • On this page you will find implied probabilities for Goalscorer and Clean Sheet data built from Odds. This data updates daily, has margins removed and also allows for up to the next 10GWs to be projected
  • Table View Fix: Transfers can now be made in Table View mode. Pitch View still works better
  • Edge Browser Fixes: Some of the issues with Edge have been addressed. Let me know if there are others

If you wish to test out the algorithm visit the Team Planner and adjust playtime as you see fit!